You don’t suck at writing

Someone else said you sucked, and you believed them.

If you’re looking to improve your written craft, try this:

Write one thing a day.

It could be a blog post, a poem, or a long form written advertisement for shampoo. It doesn’t matter. Just freely write one thing a day.

Read things that interest you.

All great writers study and consume the written content of other writers. In this case, I’ve stolen the headline and format of this post from my good friend Branko Unkovski-Korica. Check out his work here. 

Get out there and show your work.

This is probably the scariest part, but the part most worth taking.

If you want to get from mediocre to good, from good to great, and from great to phenomenal—this is the only way forward. Publish.

You don’t suck at writing.

You just haven’t started practice yet.

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