5 reasons you should start a creative habit

All reasons are what I’ve found during or after writing for 1000+ days. 

Stemming from personal experience:

  1. It gives you an excuse to practice and develop a useful skill (in this case, writing)
  2. Creating purely for yourself is brings an unparalleled joy. No strings attached. No bosses to report to. It’s all you.
  3. The barrier of entry for things like writing, drawing, or designing is low. You don’t have to be talented or skilled to begin. All you need is the desire to create. 
  4. It can bring you random opportunities that change your life. It won’t be obvious at the beginning, but I can probably trace some cool things back to my daily writing. Like that time I went viral on LinkedIn (90k impressions on a single post)
  5. You will learn so much about yourself. Your interests will develop. The way you manage your time will change. You will give yourself chances to explore things you constantly used to put on the back burner.

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