How Does It Feel to Have a Community Behind Your Back?

Starting something new can be daunting. It can be lonely.  More often than not, there will be many questions with no answers.  For some of us, that’s perfectly okay. For most of us, finding answers to our questions is exactly what we need to move forward, except we need to be put into the right environment for that to happen. 

Cue the Habit Factory. 

How does it feel to have a community behind your back? 
This year we’ve launched a workshop specifically for UX Designers and Researchers looking to land their first role in the industry. We focus on helping you through the UX interview process in 2022. Hosted by none other than my incredible partners Mikayla Koo and Sydney Cooling-Sturges. 

We’ll also be launching a portfolio-building workshop for designers looking to build their websites—together. It’s our most popular workshop yet, and we’re excited to be bringing it back for the first time this year. Registration hasn’t opened yet, but if you want to stay updated, sign up for our newsletter to receive news on when it comes out.

Having a community of people from different backgrounds and experiences has helped me numerous times over when I needed it most. I hope you follow us at The Habit Factory for more, and that you also reach out to a friend in your own network when you need it (we all need a bit of help sometimes). 

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