Why Some Things Are Better in Groups

Sure we can all do our work separately, alone, in our own rooms at home with nobody from the outside checking in. Not everybody needs an extra external motivator.

Maybe it’s not for everybody, but external motivators was part of the magic of sitting in an office with others.

The benefits of working in a space where other people are involved doing similar or related work is that you can get feedback, new ideas, more possibility, and competition to do better.

Creative work works better when shared.

Working on your portfolio or a new website should be a collaborative process, one where your work gets seen and critiqued by others who can make it better.

With that said, it’s portfolio season. Luckily for you, the Habit Factory is launching a new initiative, and it’s called the Portfolio Campfire. If you’re looking to land new clients or new jobs, you need a way to stand out amongst the others. Consider joining us this January 25th. 

It’s a 14 day journey, and it’s a chance to share your work and talk about what matters as a creative.

Registration starts now and we hope you can join us https://www.thehabitfactory.space/

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