One actionable tip for those writing their first blog post

I’ll keep it short to save you time. 

It’s tried and true. You’ll hear everyone say it again and again.

Just hit publish.

I know.

Easier said than done.

But if you’re 2 edits in and are still wondering whether your CTA will work, it’s time to let it go.

And by let it go, I mean let it see the world.

When we create content, we give it a life of it’s own on our corner of the internet. 

Let it go and move on to the next piece. 

Just hit publish.

this is h0w U piss off a WriteR

3 Things:

  1. Never EVER use absolutely 100% perfect grammar
  2. Don’t edit ANYTHING until after you finish your first draft
  3. Write things like how you would say them (more specifically, use simple 8th grade language and avoid using the thesaurus to sound smarter than you are)

Now that we’re at the end of our list, I have a confession to make. 

These rules aren’t really to piss off any writers. 

They’re rules I live by when writing my daily blog posts. 

And I highly recommend them to anyone else wanting to start a habit of writing. 

Life-Changing Advice From A Writer

A writer once told me this.

When writing his book, he made a promise to keep a streak going.

This meant writing on both the good days and the bad ones.

“How do you keep it going on a bad day?” I asked.

This is what I learned.

On bad days we just write a single sentence. Sometimes life gets busy. Sometimes your family needs more of your time and attention. 

Nonetheless, a single sentence is do-able.

A single sentence keeps the book writing.

A single sentence makes more progress than no sentence at all.

I don’t even remember his name but that 3 minute conversation changed me. 

When we seek to do something ambitious, there’s a high chance that the project will need a lot of work.

If we break down a lot of work into little tiny steps over time, suddenly it becomes easier to do.