Pssssst… Come here. Let me tell you something about going viral. 

For most people, it sounds cool. 

For those who have gone through virality, it can be just as confusing as it is exciting. 

Your demand magically spikes. 

Your community instantly grows. 

Suddenly you have a lot of new followers on your platform that know little about you.

You feel the pressure to outdo your previous viral success, and anything less feels like a loss. 

Here’s the thing. 

Your business success is not based off of your following count, nor how many viral videos you’ve had.

Instead, it’s based off of the type of relationships you have with your following.

90% of small business owners are NOT ready for what happens after a post goes viral


Sudden spike in demand means you sell out of stock fast and you can’t sell to people who actually want your product (if you’re selling physical goods)

It gets hard to predict demand on a day to day basis

Suddenly getting hype for your product mean production has to be made more efficient to meet demand (which is fine on paper but the reality might be different depending on what you sell)


The good news?

Your business grows and you begin to see holes in your model that you haven’t seen before (opportunities for growth).

Having a post for your business go viral can be terrifying and awesome at the same time.