My 17-year-old introverted self would NEVER have imagined future-me being part of a panel of social media brand builders

But she sure as heck would be pumped to see it.

Thank you to Jesse, Jack, and Alex for having me join Boulder Parc’s Build Your Brand event last month.

My 2 key messages if you want to start building your brand? 

  1. Do not fear the post button. Many people shy away from posting about their business because they’re scared of how it makes them look on the outside. Do not let this stop you from taking the most important steps to brand growth, which is building your business on social media.
  2. Be clear with WHY you want to create content. If it’s your job, then you’re tied to a paycheck. However, if you are building your brand for yourself and for your own business growth, this is the top way to build your community and gain brand awareness. 

What else do you want to hear? Let me know in the comments or email me at I always respond!

My biggest lesson in marketing

Just because you shared your news to a stranger on the street, doesn’t mean everyone knows.

Just because you posted it on 2 social media platforms, doesn’t mean your job is done.

If you want your message to spread and reach more people, you have to put in the work. 

That means: 

Finding your audience where they spend their attention, and nurturing your relationship with them via those mediums over time. 

The first time I opened up shop in a market

I was 20 and in school studying industrial design.

After finishing up courses for the spring, I had the brilliant idea of taking my school project to the market. 

Confidently, I thought I was going to open up a stall at an outdoor arts market. 

And so I did. All while thinking I’d get rich off of all the sales and retire early.

6AM, I got out of bed and hauled my suitcase containing all my market materials to the bus stop. 

2 hours later, I arrive at the market and set up.

I met with the organizer of the event. With beaming eyes, I told him it was my first market. 

He said some nice words and showed me around the venue. I got back to my stand and waited as people started walking through. 

I stood by my work and waited.

And waited.

And waited some more. 

3 hours later, and only 1 sale.

Things were looking bleak. 

By the end of the day, I only made enough to cover the vendor space for the day I was there.

Not a great sign, I thought.

So much for making money and retiring early.

The bright side is now I get to share this story and tell you that once you build something, customers don’t simply flock to your footsteps.


You have to build something valuable enough for customers to do that to you. And even then, you’d have to let enough people know about what you do so that you can stay in business.

For me, I was selling cute keychains. One of the most non-practical, frivolous things in the whole world. I still loved making them though.

Not enough people wanted nor needed the thing I was selling to sustain my business. 

Lesson learned.

The only way to overcome posting anxiety

In 2023, more and more people will become content creators. 

If you’re reading this, I’m sure the thought crossed your mind. 

The one thing stopping you?

Posting anxiety. 

You know, the voice in your head that tells you that you’re going to fail? 

Or how about the voice that encourages you to delete the post if it doesn’t do well?

There’s only 1 way to overcome posting anxiety, and that is this: 

Post a lot.

When I first started posting content on LinkedIn, I was worried the things I had to say weren’t valuable enough to be shared. 

I constantly straddled the line of “Should I just keep this to myself?” and “Hey this might be not bad” for a long long time.

Of course, we’re all different.

What works for me might not work for you.

However, I guarantee you that posting a lot will expose you to opportunities you aren’t aware of yet.

3 Copywriting Tips for First-Time Marketers

1. Write shorter sentences ✏️

Get to the point.

Erase the fluff.

Practice shortening.

2. Write as if speaking to your audience 1:1 ✏️

Speak to them directly.

Ignore the rest.

Use their lingo.

Let them know you’re part of the community.

3. Understand that a CTA isn’t a chance to make money ✏️

Your CTA is your chance to be helpful.

Lead your reader to a place they want to be.

Don’t booby trap them with guilt if they don’t like your idea.

Read this if you think your content isn’t good enough

There will be bad content.

There will be content that only get 6 likes instead of 60 or 600.

Just how it is.

Things will be okay.

All great creators live with it.

All great creators learn from it.

Once you publish, move onto better ideas.

(Yes, this will be a regular cycle that continues throughout your social media marketing).

I get the best desserts delivered straight to my door

They’re the best because my best friend makes them.

And every time, I’m surprised and delighted. 

Because they look like this.

If there were best friend points, she would have all of them.

If you know your audience, find ways to surprise and delight them.

Just one more way for your community to fall in love with your brand. 

The first time I ever posted a piece of content for business purposes


  • had 0 followers
  • was using photos I took with my Pixel 2 phone 
  • Used different coloured printing paper I had from home as a backdrop for my products

Everyone starts creating content at different stages. 

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to hit post and try.