5 reasons you shouldn’t listen to whatever I have to say about social media

  1. I’m 25
  2. I don’t have 10+ years of experience
  3. Everything i write about is from personal experience 
  4. I go with my gut instincts 90% of the time
  5. I’m 25 

But hey, I’ve found a process that works for me. I’m happy to talk about it and see how it can work for you too. 

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Pssssst… Come here. Let me tell you something about going viral. 

For most people, it sounds cool. 

For those who have gone through virality, it can be just as confusing as it is exciting. 

Your demand magically spikes. 

Your community instantly grows. 

Suddenly you have a lot of new followers on your platform that know little about you.

You feel the pressure to outdo your previous viral success, and anything less feels like a loss. 

Here’s the thing. 

Your business success is not based off of your following count, nor how many viral videos you’ve had.

Instead, it’s based off of the type of relationships you have with your following.

I cheat when writing my content. Here’s how 

I take previous posts that performed well, and rewrite the headline just so that the content gets another life and helps more people. 

I look to other people’s posts and steal their headlines just to replace them with my own spin. 

Almost all my ideas are from other people’s books, videos, speeches, courses, podcasts, or other content, only rewritten in ways that I understand them. 

I constantly look at other people’s trending content for inspiration, so I can remix it with my own agenda.


I’m not an original thinker, nor do I wish to be one. 

However, my content isn’t good when I want it to be original.

My content is only good when it clicks with other people. 

The trap of not enough engagement

90% of people will get discouraged and eventually stop posting on social media if they don’t get enough engagement by the first month. 

Here’s the truth.

If you’re posting on social media simply to get likes and follows, you’re not going to get very far. 

Real community isn’t built on one’s own vanity. 

The (sustainable) alternative is to focus on your people. 

What does your audience perceive as helpful/interesting?

How will your content help them?

Don’t get trapped in the mindset of “not enough engagement”.

Your content needs to be focused on your audience. 

The best time to create content for your business

The best time to create content is when you’re feeling inspired and highly motivated.

The second best time to create content is when you have to. 

When you understand that marketing is a business priority, and not something you can pass off to an intern, social media marketing will work wonders for you. 

Creating content is not a question of “if”.

It’s a question of “when” 

If you’re serious about taking your craft to the next level on social, follow these 3 steps: 

  1. Dedicate a non-negotiable 15-30 minute time-slot in your day (morning before work, during lunch, after a shower, etc)
  2. Pick 1 platform, and make 1 piece of really good content for that platform (in whatever format, it doesn’t matter)
  3. Respond to comments and engage with other people’s posts on that platform. Remember to be nice.
  4. Do this again and again for 30 days, until this becomes a habit. 

Tell me about your results after you try it.

Like I said, the second best time to create content for your business is when you have to. 

We can’t always rely on inspiration to move the needle forward. 

What defines your success in social media this 2023?

This year in 2022, I’ve posted 1000+ pieces of content across multiple platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, and my personal blog. 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned through this process is asking the question below.

How will you define success?

Whenever you make content and share it for others to see, how will you know whether or not your content was good? That it did what you wanted it to do?

Where do you draw the boundaries for numbers that make you happy? 

When it comes to social media marketing for your business, it’s easy to confuse likes and followers with real business success. 

But when likes and follows don’t bring money to the table, you have to reconsider your numbers.

What defines your success in social media this 2023? 

Start building a social media following for your business. Here’s how

Make posts regarding the solutions you provide to your audience.

Simple right?

Now you must be wondering,

“How do I do that?”

Here’s how.

Let’s say you’re an independent graphic designer who works for mom and pop clients. 

Here are 2 ideas you can publish on popular social media platforms:

  1. A video process reel of a previous project you did, showing the before, after, and all graphic iterations in between to get to the final result. 
  2. A carousel with the headline, “5 Logo Ideas You Can Steal For Your Family Business” with a call to action at the end with your name, contact, and price on it.

Why will these work? 

Because the target audience are small business owners who do not have enough skill or time to do everything on their own. 

The above ideas present solutions to those problems.

Next, let’s say you’re a new podcast host who covers lifestyle tips on minimalism. 

Here are 2 ideas you can use as content: 

  1. A carousel titled, “8 Tips on Living Minimally”, and keep them short (to stick with the theme)
  2. A 30 second -2 minute audio clip of your podcast with video subtitles, answering a common question most people have when starting out with a minimal lifestyle. Example: “How do I know what to throw away and what to keep?” 

Why will these work? 

Because the target audience are those who are looking to practice a specific lifestyle (minimalism), but do not yet know how. Your content is the guide for these people. 

And if you’ve read this far, you get the point. 

Social media is all about serving your audience. 

The more you know your audience’s pain-points and struggles, the more likely they are to like and follow your content. 

And if your posts fail and nobody likes them?

Change it and try again.

Now go build that following for your business.

The main reason why you’re not posting content


Fear of looking or sounding like a fool. 

Fear of negative feedback.

Fear of what your friends will think of you the next time you go out for lunch. 

I get it. 

I’ve been there. 

But let me tell you this. 

You might be 1 piece of content away from landing your dream client/first sale/a new opportunity that opens doors. 

Fear is normal, we all have it. 

Fear is also irrational. Don’t let it stop you from reaching success. 

If you feel icky repurposing content, read this.

There should be NO shame in repurposing content.

Just because it’s not your first time publishing the material doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable.

Just because it’s the same post from 1 week or 1 month ago, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t find it helpful to their current situation.

We need to get out of this mindset of “if I already shared it, then it doesn’t need to be said again”

I’m guilty of it too.

But, just know this.

99% of your audience DIDN’T see your content when you first posted it anyway.

1 repost isn’t going to kill your engagement/community.