Everything I Learned About Side Projects

  1. You will want to have many, but you can only do so much as one person
  2. They say starting is the hardest part (it’s kind of true), but the second hardest part is keeping up the pace. 
  3. One of the worst feelings in the world is knowing you have multiple unfinished side projects sitting around while you think about how you’re going to finish all of them (*hint, you’re probably not going to). Here’s how you don’t feel bad about yourself: I like to think everything is an educational process. As long as you learned something from it, it’s okay to put the project to rest and move on. 
  4. The function of a side project is to scratch an itch. Whether that itch is to explore something new, pick up a new skill, or make some extra money, there’s a goal to your side project you should put a label to. 
  5. You can do anything you want. Literally anything.