My 6 (and a half) Writing Goals for 2022

  • practice writing more about personal experiences—going more into detail with myself and tuning into things I feel more vulnerable about sharing (i.e. will I ever stop working for mom and dad?, finances, and ambition to name a few)
  • write and market a guide about building creative confidence 
  • build a proper website to put my writing on
  • find writing friends
  • practice experimenting with headlines (long and short, generic and weird)
  • learn more about copywriting
  • find writing friends (please, if you know of anyone).

Personal Update on My Goals

We live in a time where we’re fortunate enough to change career paths as well as hold multiple jobs throughout our lifetime.

3 years ago, I was doing fashion illustrations for local labels and businesses.

Now I work with my parents in their Hong Kong style fast food joint. 

At the same time, I’m helping build one of the best (subjective opinion of course) creative communities for someone who wants to take their creativity seriously. 

I don’t see myself working in the restaurant industry forever, but I do see myself staying in the arts.

My current goals are the following: 

  1. To build the brand of one of Scarborough’s favourite restaurants
  2. Help designers and artists build their creative practice, one by one

So far I’ve been finding the process very rewarding, and I’m excited for the future.