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I was an industrial design major who knew industrial design wasn’t the right fit for me

So what did I do? 

I did what every other 20 year old does. 

Continue school till the end and graduate not really knowing what would come next. 

And then? 

Well, 2020 happened and the rest was world history.

For me, I was whisked into the family business learning the ways of mom and pops for the next 2 years. 

During that time, I learned something really important about myself. 

I love marketing. 

And I’m not too shabby with using social media as a business tool. 

Why this is important is because my above 2 passions has brought me more opportunities during these 2 years than the subject matter I studied for 5 years.

Not to say that getting an education isn’t valuable—because it definitely is.

All I’m saying is, I took a chance on myself and persisted in things I loved and was curious about. 

The end result is that I’m wholeheartedly happy doing what I do. 

And I’d love to help others do the same too.