Putting Off Emotional Work for Tomorrow

Working in a family business is hard, because if you get into a fight with your parents, you still have to see and work with them every day. Unfortunately for me, my family didn’t teach me to be confrontational with my feelings. It’s my weakness.

Delaying heavy loads of emotional work is tempting because what comes ahead is uncomfortable. Like confronting a problem with a friend, or forgiving somebody you hurt, or forgiving somebody who hurt you.

Putting it off “until tomorrow” can work, but only for so long until it doesn’t anymore. 

Doing the emotional work is always in demand.

And I’d like to think it’s something we can get better at, if we try.

How Are You?

How are you really?

I know this phrase gets thrown around as a simple greeting, and a lot of us answer it without much thought because we don’t want to get into the details about feelings and stories off the bat.

It’s a phrase that offers the door to so much possibility and vulnerability, but we’ve been conditioned to respond as if we could not be bothered to face our humanness.

Sometimes I just really want to know how you’re doing, from the heart, with no emotional barriers.