To Be Leading

Somebody has to do the work of connecting people together.

Somebody has to do the work of making sure things go wrong less often.

Somebody has to keep the doors open and the show running.

And somebody has to make sure they’re showing up on the radars of new customers.

We can’t have one person do it all so we have to delegate the work.

The only thing is, is that not every organization is as organized as they wish to be.

And speaking from personal experience, family businesses are no exception. Just because you’re family doesn’t make it a great team.

A culture of good teamwork is hard to create.

However, just because it’s challenging doesn’t make it impossible. Even a family household or a flat with roommates requires teamwork for upkeep.

The person in charge doesn’t have to be the loudest, or hold the most seniority, or even have the most authoritarian-like qualities.

Because if you’re willing to make the work about somebody else, if you’re willing to use your emotional energy towards something bigger than just you, then you’re willing to lead.

“I Don’t Care”

One of my biggest vulnerabilities that can really get to me is when somebody tells me the three magic words, “I don’t care.”

It’s sharp yet blunt, and carries a weight like no other.

Maybe it’s because I care a lot.

Or because I have to be reminded that not everybody has time to appreciate the things I find incredible in this world.

To me, “I don’t care” is a really bad way to deal with emotion and feelings.

It’s a voice that holds a lack of love and curiosity and prefers to hide away instead.

Also a real lousy thing to say when somebody else is trying to talk with you in real time.

So how can we respond to I don’t care?

I don’t know.

We can’t control other people’s thoughts and feelings, but we can control our own. And what we should know, is that what other people say doesn’t really matter as long as we feel confident enough to stand our ground.