2 things you need to start marketing your services

Whether you’re starting freelance work or trying to build your own brand, these 2 things will help you tremendously when it comes to your career. 

  1. A social media account. This is so that you have a space to share your news and to connect with your audience. Social media is your brand awareness tool.
  2. Your own website. This will be the place your audience will go to when they are ready to buy from you. Your website is a professional tool used to manage your work. Your website is in your full control.

Lucky for you, our team at the Habit Factory is launching a 21-day portfolio-building workshop this month.

If you need to build your website to get your career started, this is the community you’ll want to build it with. 

Ready to join?

The link is here.

Workshops vs. Courses

Courses are what we take in school.

Courses offer theory, and are taught by a trained professor of sorts. 

In courses, we can expect to read textbooks, listen to lectures, or perhaps do some group projects. 

A workshop on the other hand, is more hands-on. A workshop is shorter and gets to the point. A workshop has a clear focus. A workshop requires you to put your hands in the dirt and get to work. 

If I took a course on bread making, I would expect to read and listen to about theories about baking, temperature and timing, yeast, and the history of bread.

If I took a workshop on bread making, I would expect to make a loaf of sourdough with my hands and see all the different types of bread I could make in a kitchen with a few ingredients. 

It’s 2 different kinds of learning for 2 different types of people.

Those who are ready to lead and learn on the fly don’t wait for all theories to be in place before taking a first step. 

And those who want a solid foundation and sit eyes-wide-open won’t want to make a move unless they know what will come out of it.  

Speaking of workshops, the Portfolio Campfire will be back again this year and we want you to join our waitlist: https://www.thehabitfactory.space/add-to-cart/p/february-portfolio-campfire

If you are a design student or a junior level designer looking to make your portfolio count, we hope you join us.