Making the Perfect Choice is Hard

In these past few months, it has come to my attention again that we as creators don’t get to dictate what gets liked and loved.

For example, we relaunched and rebranded the Habit Factory workshop for early January and thought it was the perfect move for us to grow and make new steps—nobody joined that round. And though the reason could have been a thousand different factors, perhaps our culmination of choices weren’t “perfect” enough to give someone else real value at that point in time in January. Next.

Another example from our family restaurant in Scarborough: We make our sauces in-house on a daily basis, and it’s been a company recipe for decades. Occasionally we get a customer telling us that it’s too salty, or it doesn’t taste like anything, or it’s too watery. On the other hand, we get customers begging for extra sauce on their meals, asking us how we do it. Just who do we please? The perfect recipe is simply out of our hands. 

All of this is to say, making the perfect choice is hard. We don’t get to decide what gets liked and loved, the audience does. All we can do is try to make changes for better along the way.