Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, Gone

It’s okay to wait for whatever you’re waiting for, so long as you’re aware of what’s being put on hold.

By waiting, we give up current chances for practice and to find better.

By delaying round 1, we don’t give ourselves any chances for round 2, 3, 15, or 45.

Putting things we care about on the back burner eventually comes back to taunt us.

Standing Out, Creating Things You Like, And Also Having Them As Things That Want To Be Seen

Seen by everybody, or seen by people who actually care?

Do vanity metrics hold any weight when only a fraction of those people matter?

Everybody wants to stand out, make stuff they like, and have it be accepted by others. That’s a lot to ask for.

Everybody wants to stand out, but in the chase of that we can lose sight of what we originally placed our bets on, which is: if I make this, then I can contribute to more of the thing I want to see in this world.