Do I regret starting my writing journey?

I promised myself I’d write every day and post it online.

And I’ve been doing just that for the past 3 years. 

But I’d be lying if I said there weren’t days I wish I didn’t have to.

Because it’s 2AM and I just finished spending an hour on Tiktok (oops).

And I have to get up early for work tomorrow (again, oops).

I know it’s in this moment that I wish I could just sleep.

However, I also know future me will be grateful that I never stopped practicing my passions.

Great writers never skip practice 

When I took piano lessons, my teacher would often ask if I practiced at all. 

That’s because she knew.

She could tell that I wasn’t practicing.

Because I would play the same as I did the week before, and the week before that, and the week before that.

The worst part of it is that this went on for years.

I just wasn’t interested in improving.

Writing is different.

There is no sheet music to follow when you’re creating copy for your piece of content.

Most people don’t have a writing teacher to check up on their writing every week.

However, you can still practice writing without step by step instructions.

You can still improve without having a coach sit beside you.

You can get immediate feedback by sharing your content on the internet.

The only catch is time.

You won’t see drastic improvements until you’ve made a drastic quantity of work.

And that takes time.

3 Copywriting Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier in my Career

  1. Write shorter sentences.

Get to the point. Erase the fluff. Practice shortening. 

  1. Write as if speaking to your audience 1:1

Speak to them directly. Ignore the rest. Use their lingo. Let them know you’re part of the community.

  1. Understand that a CTA isn’t a chance to make money

Your CTA is your chance to be helpful. Lead your reader to a place they want to be. Don’t booby trap them with guilt if they don’t like your idea.

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I cheat when writing my content. Here’s how 

I take previous posts that performed well, and rewrite the headline just so that the content gets another life and helps more people. 

I look to other people’s posts and steal their headlines just to replace them with my own spin. 

Almost all my ideas are from other people’s books, videos, speeches, courses, podcasts, or other content, only rewritten in ways that I understand them. 

I constantly look at other people’s trending content for inspiration, so I can remix it with my own agenda.


I’m not an original thinker, nor do I wish to be one. 

However, my content isn’t good when I want it to be original.

My content is only good when it clicks with other people. 

The key to keeping a blog

The key to keeping a blog isn’t dependent on the host you use, how much you spend on your website plan, or even the amount of expertise you have in your field.

The key to keeping a blog is being the type of person who keeps blogs.

That means you write and publish things frequently. 

It means you show up with an idea and you make it come to life. 

If you want to start a blog, become the type of person who keeps blogs. 

For Solopreneurs: Relearn How to Write

School teaches you how to write academically. 

Social media teaches you how to write so that other people actually care what you have to say. 

The two writing styles are completely different.

If it’s your first time trying the latter, practice more so that you can learn faster. 

Social media success is not based on likes and follows

Here’s why. 

The sole reason why social media is important for your business is because it helps create trust for your brand. 

I repeat. 

The only reason why social media marketing is important for your brand, is because it allows you to build relationships with the types of people you want to serve. 

Let’s pause right here. 

Did you notice that likes and follows were not a part of that sentence? 

Sure, likes and follows are metrics that most people look at as factors of success. 

However, likes and followers ≠ money going toward your bank account. 

Every business owner knows which one keeps the business running. 

Don’t focus on likes and follows. 

Instead, keep building trust and relationships. 

Keep sharing.

What you need to know when you start marketing for your small business on social media

It’s the final month of 2022. If you’re looking to start making content for your personal brand or business before the year ends, you need to consider the following question.

What is the core reason why you want to start making content?

More times than not, many people start the journey of making content but eventually stop after a few weeks because they burn out. 

Reason being?

They didn’t get enough likes or followers.

They ruled out that social media marketing isn’t for them.

Please consider the reason why you want to put yourself on this journey, because 99% of new content creators don’t get traction for a long time.

(Of course luck plays a role, but luck isn’t a consistent winning strategy). 

If you’re looking to start making content, I want you to do it for the sake of serving someone else.

No clout, no big lofty numbers to reach. 

Just you and the people you want to help. 

Make it about them.

The law of diminishing returns on the writing process

Every written post has a point. 

Once that point has been delivered in writing, the rest is just extra. 

The minute you’ve made your point, you have your piece. 

No point? No piece. 

Grammar edits, restructuring, and nitpicking punctuation come after you’ve hit the threshold of diminishing returns in the writing process. 

Wrap up. 


Move onto the next thing.