What you think will perform well on social media vs. what actually performs well on social media vs. what lands a real sale

The first is always exciting because we hold up our expectations. We sell ourselves on a story of success and we try our best to make it happen, only to cross our fingers to see if the data unfolds in the way we want it to.

The second is based on actual data. What actually performs well on social media is a result of the market. More times than not, what we think will perform well doesn’t actually perform well on social media platforms. Only the data will tell (and the algorithms but that’s a topic for a different day).

Lastly, high output of content ≠ high sales. However, more content = more chances to increase awareness about your product or business. What lands a real sale as a result of social media marketing is the last step of the funnel for many creators. 

💩 Posts and Better Content

Not literal 💩
Just metaphorical 💩

💩 Posts entail:

  • NOT creating to appeal your personal sense of perfection
  • Trying to make a videopost/carousel/written article for the first time
  • Sharing your first post on a social media platform, ever.

A fast way to learn how to make better content is to make 💩 content.

Be a student of your own content.
Learn from your 💩 posts, and improve later.

Social Media Saved Our Family Business From Going Under

Start of pandemic:

  • 80% of customer base gone
  • General fear of going outside and in public spaces
  • Uncertainty and fluctuations in demand

What’s a family restaurant to do in this situation? 

Nothing, as our entire restaurant staff collectively twiddle our thumbs while waiting for customers to order something in 2020. 

Then, something incredible happens. 

We get featured on a local news/entertainment blog, as they want to drive traffic to businesses within Toronto. 

Immediately the following plays out: 

  • Spike in sales for the next 2 months 
  • A 200% growth in social media following
  • Lots of new and old customers remembering that our restaurant exists so they come and say hi 

How did this happen? 

All because of one Tiktok video. 

We shared one Tiktok video in 2020 that got the attention of someone on the blog’s team. That video led them to follow our accounts on both Tiktok and Instagram. Fast forward a few days, they message us on Instagram telling us they’ll be making a video about our business. 

It was that simple. 

And the journey has been wild since. 

Social media saved our family restaurant from going under. I’m pinning it as one of the most valuable business skillsets to have in 2022.