My biggest mistake in social media

My biggest mistake in social media is letting my ego get in the way of making a post.

“Will this get a lot of likes?”

“Does this make me look good?”

“Is this cool/edgy enough?”

Not saying that asking these questions are bad.

However, if you want to do social media properly for your business, ask these questions instead.

“Is this helpful?”

“Is this something my audience can relate with?”

“Is this something my audience wants to see more of?”

93% of brands and content creators give up social media 14-21 days after they’ve started.

The main reason being?

There’s not enough engagement.

Nobody is liking your posts. 

It’s hard to keep a new habit with just yourself.

Life gets in the way. 

Time management isn’t your strongest suit. 

I hear you.

Creating content isn’t for everyone. 

But if you’re serious about building your community or brand, content creation is the way. 

Kickstart your way into an engaged community with an audience who cares about your product. 

Master your brand voice. 

Gain the attention of your dream audience.

Control the ins and outs of your creativity.

Grow your business presence. 


I’m hosting a content creation club.

But it won’t just be any kind of club.

Everyone in it wants to be there because they have a brand to build. 

There will be no live meet ups. 

Only a common deadline (12AM, your time zone).

Everything online and remote.

Be there (or don’t be there it’s really up to you).

This idea will only work when there is a focused, tight knit group of people.

Anyone is welcome to join.

And to sweeten the deal?

It will come at no cost to you.

However, if you want this to work out for you, you have to put in the work to succeed.

Want in?

Join the waitlist with other creators here.

See you there 🙂

3 Copywriting Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier in my Career

  1. Write shorter sentences.

Get to the point. Erase the fluff. Practice shortening. 

  1. Write as if speaking to your audience 1:1

Speak to them directly. Ignore the rest. Use their lingo. Let them know you’re part of the community.

  1. Understand that a CTA isn’t a chance to make money

Your CTA is your chance to be helpful. Lead your reader to a place they want to be. Don’t booby trap them with guilt if they don’t like your idea.

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If you’re going into social media with this mindset, you need to change immediately

For freelancers, social media isn’t about showing off what you can do and letting people know about all your accomplishments to boost your own sense of self worth. 

Instead, social media is a place for creators to show value and teach/entertain/perform/inspire their audience.

When you do the latter enough times, people will intentionally look for you to solve their problems.

5 reasons you shouldn’t listen to whatever I have to say about social media

  1. I’m 25
  2. I don’t have 10+ years of experience
  3. Everything i write about is from personal experience 
  4. I go with my gut instincts 90% of the time
  5. I’m 25 

But hey, I’ve found a process that works for me. I’m happy to talk about it and see how it can work for you too. 

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The 3 variables of success on social media

  1. Consistency
    1. Are you showing up as yourself? Do you come back again and again for your audience? 
  2. Frequency
    1. Are you posting content multiple times per day to reach your community? Are your posts actually reaching the people you want?
  3. Quality
    1. Is the content valuable to your audience? Are they intrigued by what you share?

If you consistently show up with a message worth sharing, and you deliver it enough times to the people who want to hear it so that they do something, I would consider that a success on social media. 

Why building brand on social media takes a long time

Who’s your best friend?

How long have you known your best friend for? 

How often do you see each other?

How many key moments did it take for you to decide that you’d be great friends? 

In other words, 

How much time have you given yourself to your social platform?

How often does your audience get to see your posts?

How many content pieces did it take for your audience to fall in love with you?

This is brand building. 

It takes time. 

Pssssst… Come here. Let me tell you something about going viral. 

For most people, it sounds cool. 

For those who have gone through virality, it can be just as confusing as it is exciting. 

Your demand magically spikes. 

Your community instantly grows. 

Suddenly you have a lot of new followers on your platform that know little about you.

You feel the pressure to outdo your previous viral success, and anything less feels like a loss. 

Here’s the thing. 

Your business success is not based off of your following count, nor how many viral videos you’ve had.

Instead, it’s based off of the type of relationships you have with your following.

How long does it take to find success on social media?

It took me 365 days to embrace working with my parents.

It took me another 365 days to truly understand social media marketing.

And 730 days to build a loyal following for our small business that keeps the lights on and more.

You best believe that in between all of that, there were ups and downs.

If you ask me how long it will take until you find your success on social media, my answer would be this.

Stuff takes time.

Be patient and keep going.