3 ways to give your future self the middle finger (freelancer’s edition) 

  1. Forgetting entirely about updating your portfolio as you make new work. Not a worst-case scenario, but you definitely don’t want to be scrambling by the time you need to show your portfolio to potential clients.
  2. Not making some sort of ruckus on your social media account(s). In 2023, your social media account is almost equivalent to your brand. Keeping an active social media account with your work on it is a great way to build up your brand awareness + community.
  3. Failing to keep in touch with previous clients as well as routinely reaching out to potential ones. When you have to be your own salesperson, marketer, creative director, operations manager, and HR department, it’s easy to forget this simple step in keeping your network active. As a freelancer, previous cliients = word of mouth marketing for you. Reaching out to new potential clients = finding your own leads to grow your business.


Don’t give your future self the middle finger. 

Add these 3 things to your routine and make your freelance life easier. 

  1. Update your portfolio regularly
  2. Publishing your work on your social media accounts 
  3. Keep in touch with previous clients and reach out to potential clients

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