Need to work on your portfolio? 

Most creatives work on their websites by themselves, at their desk, with little to no feedback given before the final product gets published for the world to see. 

Few take the chance to seek construction criticism for a better end-product. 

That is what differentiates a good portfolio from a great portfolio.

Not only have you shown what skills you’re capable of, but you’ve taken into consideration your target audience and you tailored it specifically for them. 

You heard enough feedback from others to validate your thoughts. 

You went through iteration and iteration just to get your pages and user experience right. 

You love what you do and you know who exactly you’re trying to impact with your work.

This is what it means to build a great portfolio. 

Our team at the Habit Factory is launching a 21-day portfolio-building workshop. 

Build your portfolio with us this May 2023. 

Sign up for your spot here.

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