Dear small business owners, are you the bottleneck?

One of the biggest challenges for small business operations is delegating your responsibilities to your team. 


Because you like to do things a certain way, but your new employee does it a completely different way—and that irks you.

From my own experience at our family restaurant, my mom (who manages the front) doesn’t let anyone touch specific duties. For example, slicing lemons, or making tapioca. 

She is purposefully (and pridefully) being the bottleneck in certain areas of our business.

The downside is that it creates more friction for everyone else on the team to do simple tasks.

She’s not doing it on purpose.

She just doesn’t trust anyone else to do it as well as she does.

To me, that sounds like a barrier to efficiency.

If you want your business to experience faster growth, you need more efficiency in your workflow. 

Even if that means sacrificing a bit of ego to get there.

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