From Quiet, Shy Introvert to Introvert in Marketing

I used to speak so quietly that teachers would have a hard time getting me to talk.

I would rarely contribute in meetings because I feared what I had to say was unimportant.

If I could write and draw instead of talk and network, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Things started to change when I started my first business on Etsy.

I realized that I had to do more than just keep to myself all the time.

If I wanted my business to do better, then I had to be an extrovert in marketing.

Good news for me, that meant I could still be my reserved, quiet self in real life.

All I had to do was learn how to create good content and hit the post button as many times as possible. 

And now, we’re here.

I’ve just kicked off the Content Club with our team at the Habit Factory, which is a workshop that helps other creatives build their brands. 

Funny how things turn out.

Moral of the story? You will improve at things if you intentionally practice. 

You can flip your script if you don’t like it.

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