3 Ways to Make Content Better, Stronger, Faster

When you are deep into your content marketing game, you develop processes that work for your own brand. 

Your processes help you make content better, stronger, and faster each time. 

Here are 3 things I do that help with my content creation process:

  1. Go from inspiration to distribution ASAP. I tend to execute on ideas as soon as I can, because I find that trending songs or filters move on pretty quickly. I don’t want to jump into trends after they’re gone.
  1. Minimize the amount of equipment you need. For me, I almost exclusively keep production and distribution on my phone. This helps with speed and efficiency. 
  1. Always learn from previous posts. If the same kind of post doesn’t do well for the 7th time… well, maybe it just sucks and you should move on. Likewise, if a type of post does exceptionally well compared to your average posts, do more. Mimic new pieces of content off of previous successful ones. 

Everyone has slightly differing processes. The only way to find yours (if you haven’t already) is to post frequently and get into your own rhythm. 

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