One book that has changed my outlook on brand building

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. 

A memoir that highlights tenacity.

I grew up as an ultra shy, reserved, quiet, Chinese girl in a conservative household. 

Tenacity wasn’t a word I knew of until 3 years ago.

I picked up Shoe Dog 1 year ago.

Learning about the ups and downs of Nike’s story allowed me to realize something.

If you wanna go far, you gotta put in the work.

And not just the fluffy-fluffy kind of work, but work work. 

When I think about brand building now, it’s not just a nice logo, or a good looking website. 

Though those things are nice to have, brand building is more of hitting the floor and actively trying to finding your people. 

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. 

And if you still go for it, that’s tenacity. 

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