A Writing Strategy for Creatives Who Don’t Feel Like Showing Up Today 

I’m sharing this because I don’t emotionally feel on top of my game today. 

Because let’s be really human here. 

Everyone has bad days. 

Everyone has days where we feel uninspired, tired, sad, or in a mood.

I keep a blog, so I feel accountable to my community for coming back.

Here’s what I do to show up to my writing game, even when I feel like a puddle of *r**ad**as*****

  1. Open up your writing document
  2. Allow yourself to write and create whatever comes out
  3. Don’t be a harsh critic on yourself
  4. Wrap up whenever you’re done. This can be 15 minutes to 2 hours. It doesn’t matter, it’s whatever you feel, so long as there’s something on the document that is relevant to your practice
  5. Thank yourself for showing up and doing a piece of your work. You know it was hard but it’s over now

You might be feeling like *r**ad**as***** right now, but the hardest part is showing up. 

Feeling pretty proud of myself now that I’ve finished this piece up. 

1 thought on “A Writing Strategy for Creatives Who Don’t Feel Like Showing Up Today ”

  1. 1. Let your writing be what it wants to be- be creative, expressive, and whatever comes out.

    2. Don’t be critical of yourself- it’s okay to be negative, but it’s important to stay focused on your practice.

    3. Wrap up your writing when you’re done- it’s okay to be proud of yourself, but it’s also okay to be grateful for the work you’ve done.


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