3 thoughts that stopped me from starting my blog

Before I started publishing my writing, I thought:

  1. I don’t think anybody really wants to read what I have to say (I didn’t have confidence in myself) 
  2. Is this worth my time? (There was no clear cut reward for doing this, except for scratching my own itch)
  3. What happens if what I write isn’t perfect? (My family values academics, so naturally I worked hard in school to write the perfect essays. I was scared to fail)

Now that i’ve been publishing for 3 years, 

  1. I’ve been able to learn about myself through writing my own ideas 
  2. I’m confident that I’m doing this for my own sake, to scratch my own itch
  3. I’ve learned to accept that perfect standards aren’t what I need

If you’re thinking of starting your own blog, or becoming a content creator what are you waiting for? What’s stopping you? 

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