How to find your voice for your small business

Whether you’re a small business owner, a creative freelancer, or designer, you’re bound to ask the question: 

How do I find my voice when marketing on social media?

Here’s my quick answer: 

Your voice = your brand

They are the same thing. 


This is really a question about how to stand out in an ocean of others. 

And in my years of experience on social media, the only way to stand out on social media is to be yourself. 

When you look in the mirror, who do you see? 

Tell the story of that individual. 

For me, I’m the daughter in our Chinese owned family restaurant in Scarborough.

It was hard growing up in Canada while your parents raise you and your siblings with rules and principles from the East. 

I’m an in-betweener of both cultures, and what we do represents that. 

That’s my voice when I represent the brand of our restaurant.

So far, it’s resonated with thousands of others (not all at once, but it’s built momentum throughout some years). 

Sharing your experiences and points of view will help you solidify your brand on social. 

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