Is social media marketing a full time job? 

If you’re a business owner looking to take social media seriously, you’ll have to treat it like a full time job. 

That means in any given week you’re: 

  • Taking responsibility over your content (responding to comments and DMs, sharing it to those who need it) 
  • Doing market research (by looking at what your users are saying/doing, what kind of content is trending or gaining attention)
  • Producing high value content frequently and publishing it across different platforms 
  • Engaging with your audience through comments, DMs, other posts, or stories

All this should take a very focused 1-2 hours of your day, every day. 

1 thought on “Is social media marketing a full time job? ”

  1. This post has really opened my eyes to a fresh way of viewing the topic. Thank you for taking the time to publish this content and share your understanding. It is very much appreciated!
    A business owner should take social media seriously and treat it as a full time job. They should respond to comments and DMs, share it to those who need it, produce high value content, engage with their audience, and focus on their work.


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