Start building a social media following for your business. Here’s how

Make posts regarding the solutions you provide to your audience.

Simple right?

Now you must be wondering,

“How do I do that?”

Here’s how.

Let’s say you’re an independent graphic designer who works for mom and pop clients. 

Here are 2 ideas you can publish on popular social media platforms:

  1. A video process reel of a previous project you did, showing the before, after, and all graphic iterations in between to get to the final result. 
  2. A carousel with the headline, “5 Logo Ideas You Can Steal For Your Family Business” with a call to action at the end with your name, contact, and price on it.

Why will these work? 

Because the target audience are small business owners who do not have enough skill or time to do everything on their own. 

The above ideas present solutions to those problems.

Next, let’s say you’re a new podcast host who covers lifestyle tips on minimalism. 

Here are 2 ideas you can use as content: 

  1. A carousel titled, “8 Tips on Living Minimally”, and keep them short (to stick with the theme)
  2. A 30 second -2 minute audio clip of your podcast with video subtitles, answering a common question most people have when starting out with a minimal lifestyle. Example: “How do I know what to throw away and what to keep?” 

Why will these work? 

Because the target audience are those who are looking to practice a specific lifestyle (minimalism), but do not yet know how. Your content is the guide for these people. 

And if you’ve read this far, you get the point. 

Social media is all about serving your audience. 

The more you know your audience’s pain-points and struggles, the more likely they are to like and follow your content. 

And if your posts fail and nobody likes them?

Change it and try again.

Now go build that following for your business.

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