How to get your product noticed without Ryan Reynolds

You can find business success without Ryan, just hear me out. It’s all about social media content marketing.

On this post specifically, Tiktok.

My family runs one of those really old Asian food court restaurants in Scarborough, Ontario. It’s one of those places you would least expect to see having an active social media account.

The restaurant is hidden from the main road. 

Heck, it’s even hidden within the plaza itself. 

Uber Eats and Doordash drivers have troubles finding us all the time.

But, back to the point. 

Your product and business can get noticed for free, without celebrity endorsements. 

All you have to do is be willing to post content about your product in a way that will resonate with others.

Speaking from experience.

Our result from posting on Tiktok was a long line of customers willing to pay money for food.

This stuff works.

Even for tiny, unassuming Asian food court stalls like ours.

Social media content marketing is for every business. 

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