Do you want to use social media to bring awareness to your business? Don’t know where to start?

The truth is, there’s endless articles and blogs detailing the hacks and tricks you can use to get more followers and likes on platforms like Tiktok or Instagram. There’s no hidden secret. You can find everything you need on Google, for free.

The harder part is becoming the type of person who consistently uses social media as a tool to bring awareness to your business.

Good news. 

I’m hosting a 1 hour event with other designers where we’ll talk about social media strategies to help new freelancers thrive on any platform. 

In this 1 hour event, we’ll discuss:

* Common pain points from creative freelancers who are just starting on social media, and how to overcome them

* The best longterm strategy you can use to find your success with social media marketing

* How to create better content that helps you land clients and sales

If this sounds up your alley, I hope you join us. 

The event is free.

Sign up here:

I hope to see you there. 

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