What you need to know when you start marketing for your small business on social media

It’s the final month of 2022. If you’re looking to start making content for your personal brand or business before the year ends, you need to consider the following question.

What is the core reason why you want to start making content?

More times than not, many people start the journey of making content but eventually stop after a few weeks because they burn out. 

Reason being?

They didn’t get enough likes or followers.

They ruled out that social media marketing isn’t for them.

Please consider the reason why you want to put yourself on this journey, because 99% of new content creators don’t get traction for a long time.

(Of course luck plays a role, but luck isn’t a consistent winning strategy). 

If you’re looking to start making content, I want you to do it for the sake of serving someone else.

No clout, no big lofty numbers to reach. 

Just you and the people you want to help. 

Make it about them.

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