“Trust the process.” What does it mean, why should we do it?

When it comes to social media, lots of gurus and experts will tell you to trust the process. What does this vague term, “the process” entail? 

For starters, the process is the journey. 

It’s the self doubt, the inner critic, and the perfectionism getting in the way of things. 

it’s the starting from zero and not having a clue of where to begin. 

It’s the trying everything and seeing what sticks. 

It’s starting with 0 followers. 

It’s getting varied engagement with your content because you wanted to try something new. 

It’s trying to address your criticism and learning how to move forward.

Trusting the process is knowing that there’s a little piece of progress made toward the bigger goal every day. 

You trust it because you’re trying. 

You trust it because you see progress from putting your hours in.

If your hands are in any part of the process above, you’re already on your way to winning. 

Keep trusting the process.

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