My biggest challenge as a designer who wanted to share content with the world

*Hint: It wasn’t with visuals or aesthetics. I had that part down for the most part. 

It was with my insecurities. 

The hardest part of the entire process was with my thought processes. 


“It’s not good enough.” 

“i don’t think this will get enough likes.” 

“I haven’t made it perfect yet so I’m not going to share it.” *Forgets about it and never ends up posting anything*

“Sillybanana1101 thought my art was dumb on the last post. Should I even continue?”

It sounds kind of silly, but this was my world in 2019. 

Thankfully, everything turned around with a few tweaks to the way I thought about myself that same year. 

Interested in turning your world around? Want to change the way you deal with your inner critic and win in the longterm? 

We’re running a new workshop at The Habit Factory that addresses your problems around making content as a creative. 

Join us on the other side and sign up for our email list here:

Can’t wait to see you there. 

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