Nobody Talks About This Secret to Making Good Content

I’ve noticed something. 

For every dozen pieces of content I create for Tiktok and Instagram, one or two posts perform significantly better than the rest.

Again, for every 12 posts we share only 3-4 will perform well. 

Does that mean the other 8-9 should not be published? 

No, that’s not the point. 

Instead, the point is this. 

Oftentimes you will not know which pieces of content will take off. 

The secret to creating good content is purely publishing whatever you can that is ether helpful or entertaining, **as many times as you can.**

The practice of doing so will help you learn what your audience likes and dislikes. 

This is the only way to make good content for your intended audience. 

It’s just taking action. 



And doing it better the next time.

Good content is about connecting with your viewers, and making them feel like they have a spot to be themselves. 

I hope you publish something great today.

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