How to face the dread from a blank page

The project you want to start—but haven’t yet.

The feeling is pulling at you, isn’t it?

There’s a pressure to begin, but you don’t know how, or where.

Familiar with the feeling?

It’s the feeling of a blank page you hesitate to fill up because you worry about imperfections.

It’s much easier to put it all away and avoid starting altogether.

But, you’re not a quitter.

Everyone who’s faced a dreaded blank page knows the secret to overcoming a blank is to start with the smallest step forward. 

It’s not to write an entire essay, or a paragraph, or even a sentence. The smallest step forward would be to jot down a note. Something incomplete, rough, and workable.

The smallest step forward, again and again and again. 

Soon enough, the page won’t seem blank anymore. 

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