This practice will change the way you create content for your business

A writer once told me this.

When writing his book, he made a promise to keep a streak going.

This meant writing on both the good days and the bad ones.

“How do you keep it going on a bad day?” I asked.

His answer surprised me.

On bad days we just write a single sentence. 

Sometimes life gets busy. 

Sometimes your family needs more of your time and attention.

Nonetheless, a single sentence is do-able.

A single sentence keeps the book writing.

A single sentence makes more progress than no sentence at all.

I don’t even remember his name but that 3 minute conversation changed me.

When we seek to do something ambitious, there’s a high chance that the project will need a lot of work.

If we break down a lot of work into little tiny steps over time, suddenly it becomes easier to do.

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