Most people won’t do this when it comes to building their writing muscles. 


The act of writing, day after day after day after day.

For most people, writing is a fling. It’s a hobby. That’s fine.

But for those who want to commit and grow, we need repetition.

That’s why I want to kickstart a workshop full of budding writers who want to take writing more seriously. 

Writing can come in the form of copywriting, content writing, journalling, or storytelling. 

Whichever form, it doesn’t matter. 

What matters more is putting in the hours and the reps. 

If you’re interested in joining the would-be-writing-gym that lives online, I’d love for 2 things. 

  1. Email me what interests you about this idea (
  2. Sign up for the newsletter about this workshop here

I’m only going to make the workshop happen when and if I get enough interest for it. 



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