Do you suffer from being financially conservative?

I’m all about personal growth. 

But believe me, the first time I dropped nearly a thousand bucks on an online workshop, I didn’t know what to expect. 

My financially conservative upbringing was on edge for sure. 

I realized the workshop I was buying into wasn’t something that could be divided and calculated into fragments of dollar value. 

Instead, I was buying a new mindset. 

I was buying a new circle of people to be around. 

Most importantly of all, I was buying into a change I knew I wanted for myself. 

That kind of value goes far beyond the duration of a course. 

The impact lasts a lifetime.

If you’ve saved enough money to invest, invest in yourself. 

Take the leap, thank yourself later. 

P.S. We do workshops that help you practice your creativity over at the Habit Factory. If you’d like to join one, subscribe to our newsletter here

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