Spend 5-9 doing something you love

Time outside of your job is yours (except if you’re a caretaker for someone else). You might as well do something you love. 

For me, my time outside of my job is spent writing content.

As a writer, I’ve been told that if I’m not getting paid for my work or getting any kind of recognition for it, then I shouldn’t bother writing at all. 

It shouldn’t be worth my time. 

But the truth is that writing is one of the best exercises artists do to keep their creativity in check. 

The reality is that even if you’re not getting paid for your work, you’re still an artist. 

You don’t need an audience and accolades to be a writer; you just need the desire to express yourself and a way to document your words. 

Many people will take the above as a reason not to start something new.

And so: if you’ve got time to spare, do something you think you’ll love.

Do it regardless of recognition or money. Do it for you. 

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