I used to be the type of artist who would hide her sketches from anyone and everyone


I guess I was self conscious. 

I was scared to hear what others would think of me. 

Worried that others would think I’m stupid for my ideas. 

I knew my drawings were good because that’s what everyone around me said, but I was just excruciatingly shy.

Fast forward 3 years ago (in my early 20s), I wanted to break away from that kind of behaviour.

No more hiding.

Because I realized hiding away wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

And so I started to share my work on my corner of the internet. 

Frankly, it felt liberating.

I learned that nobody actually thinks in the ways of how I imagine them to.

All that fear was inside my head. 

Now, I’m the type of person who will eagerly encourage you to share your work with others (cue Habit Factory). 

Sharing your progress offers an entirely different experience from keeping it to yourself. That is, if you’re with a community that makes you feel safe of course. 

The switch to sharing work out loud was easy, but it took me a lot of mental work to be okay with it. 

If you’re ready to jump into a safe space where you’re encouraged to do creative work differently, I hope you’ll sign up for our Habit Factory newsletter

We’ll only send out emails when we launch new workshops.

See you there! 

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