My first sale as a freelancer

I was 15.

It was the middle of summer and school was already out.

A couple of friends and I organized a garage sale at my house selling all the random bits and pieces from our rooms and basements.

For me, I painted phone cases and drew bookmarks with cute doodles. 

That afternoon, a girl from across the street came to check out our garage sale. 

She took a look at my phone cases and bought one for 5 bucks. 

It wasn’t one that I was particularly proud of, but I was happy she bought it anyway.

That was officially my first sale as a freelancer. 

I remember thinking in disbelief, “Wow, I can’t believe someone bought my art.” 

What I learned from this experience was 2 things: 

  1. Don’t hide away your art before putting it out to potential customers
  2. What you like and what your audience likes can be 2 completely separate things

It’s easy to judge your own work as an artist, but don’t let your own critic guide the way for everything.

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