Workshops vs. Courses

Courses are what we take in school.

Courses offer theory, and are taught by a trained professor of sorts. 

In courses, we can expect to read textbooks, listen to lectures, or perhaps do some group projects. 

A workshop on the other hand, is more hands-on. A workshop is shorter and gets to the point. A workshop has a clear focus. A workshop requires you to put your hands in the dirt and get to work. 

If I took a course on bread making, I would expect to read and listen to about theories about baking, temperature and timing, yeast, and the history of bread.

If I took a workshop on bread making, I would expect to make a loaf of sourdough with my hands and see all the different types of bread I could make in a kitchen with a few ingredients. 

It’s 2 different kinds of learning for 2 different types of people.

Those who are ready to lead and learn on the fly don’t wait for all theories to be in place before taking a first step. 

And those who want a solid foundation and sit eyes-wide-open won’t want to make a move unless they know what will come out of it.  

Speaking of workshops, the Portfolio Campfire will be back again this year and we want you to join our waitlist:

If you are a design student or a junior level designer looking to make your portfolio count, we hope you join us. 

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