I’ll never forget the time when a customer made me cry

It was the morning and we were serving breakfast. 

I was a few weeks into the job.

I took a middle-aged lady’s order. 

The order went into the kitchen. 

Cool. Only, it was not.

When the food came back out, she took off her sunglasses in exasperation. 

“You gave me the wrong noodle.” 

She continues, “Why didn’t you ask me for my noodle preference?”

At the point in my life, I didn’t know I had to ask anybody for their noodle preference. I was confused, tired, and embarrassed.

She continues to bring on the heat and I continue to take every word to heart. 

“Are you new here?”

“Why are you here if you don’t listen to your customers?”

“Why don’t you do things right the first time?”

“You should go home if you can’t even do this job”

She goes on and on until we remake her food. 

I went to the washroom and cried after that. A good, emotional, 15 minute sob-fest with full swollen reddish eyes. 

What I learned from all of that is this.

I still had a lot to learn if a middle-aged lady could emotionally throw me down like that. 

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