How I turn bad writing into good writing

I’m on my 933rd consecutive blog post (I post daily). 

Though, I admit, I’m not the greatest blogger, but that’s not why I write.

Through the process of writing 933 blog posts, I’ve learned how to differentiate bad writing from the good. 

But first, what does bad writing entail? What makes bad writing bad and what makes good writing good?

Who decides? Who gets to make a decision on the subjective quality of a creative craft? Who makes the final call?

The answer is simple. 

Who are you writing for? These people are the ones who get to decide whether your piece is bad or good. 

Everyone else’s opinions don’t matter (including mom’s).

So before you go into a deep spiral about how terrible of a writer you are, just remember that the value of your writing is in the eye of the reader. 

So there you have it. 

So long as you provide something valuable for a specific reader, then you’ve got yourself a good piece of writing (at least it would be in my books). 

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