Fear Doesn’t Want to See You Succeed

If there’s one thing I learned from working alongside both parents in a Chinese restaurant, it’s this. 

Do not fear fear. 

Do not trip up over something as invisible and manipulative as fear. 

Do not fall into a haze of doubt and uncertainty fuelled by fear. 

My parents packed up the little they had and moved to Canada when they were in their 20s. 

They were leaving their rural village in China for a foreign country where they couldn’t speak the language. 

They traded the familiar for the unfamiliar.

They left their routines, way of living, and their culture for something different.

They didn’t have a lot of money, but they worked day till night for years to make up for it. 

They didn’t know their “10 year plan” because they didn’t have one.

While I’m sure they were partially terrified in this part of their life, they still made it through.

The truth is, a lot of other people make it through their fears too. 

Many survive and live to tell their tale. 

Do not fear fear.

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