How I Handle My Creative Process

  1. Excitement. At the start of every new project, every new page, there’s an element of excitement. Something fresh is being put on the table. No project problems are weighing you down. It’s fun.
  2. Progress is going good. You’re making big plans and you’re happy with how things might unfold. 
  3. The initial hill. This is the first problem that pops up within any given creative project. Problems can come in the form of self doubt, time management, budget and so on. 
  4. Your mileage with hills may vary. Some problems are big (like trying to find out whether your business will work out) while others are small (like having to learn a new software for the first time or getting over a case of imposter syndrome). This is the most interesting, critical part of any important project, and there will be multiple hills.
  5. Dénouement. In stories, they refer to the part after the problem gets solved as the dénouement.  This is the part where you resolve the primary (and secondary and tertiary) problems in your project. You tie your strings together into a nice bow and get ready to wrap things up.
  6. Personally, I like a little reflection at the end of my projects. I like to see where my hills were and how I could have faced them better. I like to revisit the highs and the lows before moving on to something else. 

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