Parkinson’s Law And Your Best Work

If you give yourself a week to complete a project, you’ll end up taking the whole week to do it. That’s Parkinson’s Law. 

Only, you know you didn’t spend the entire week working on your project. In fact, you might have only spent a dozen hours working on it rather than the full week. 

You could have been more efficient.

Turns out, a lot of creative projects don’t actually need that much time to complete. 

Most of us fall into procrastination, which is why we want all this extra buffer time.

The thing I’m more concerned about is giving yourself too much time. 

So much time that, well, you forget about your important project altogether. It goes on for so long that it seems more like a drag than something worthwhile. 

The alternative is to give yourself less time. 

Less time to wait, to procrastinate, to perfect.

It’s to know that your project can no longer wait on the back burner. Now is the best time for it to happen.

Your best work awaits. 

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