Don’t Waste Time

Something that has taken on a new meaning to me is about time.

By day, I work in a fast food restaurant (it’s a family business). 

We have a staff member that has been at the restaurant for nearly 2 decades. Let’s call him George.

I on the other hand, have only been there for 2 years. 

George has been instrumental to helping me understand how the kitchen runs. 

George also been key to helping me find ways to save time when I’m using too much of it for any given task.

There’s a phrase he says in Cantonese that translates in English to “Don’t waste time”. 

George uses this phrase whenever he sees that I could be doing something faster. 

Through this simple sentence, I’ve come to understand time a little differently. 

Time is precious.

Be mindful of what is focused on.

Don’t waste time.

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